JWU普罗维登斯 downcity Campus


The downcity Campus is anchored by Gaebe Commons, a popular hub of student activity, and surrounded by a variety of shops, restaurants, cafés, music venues and a picturesque riverfront. This campus is home to students in the College of Hospitality Management, the College of Engineering & Design, the John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences and the Center for Physician Assistant Studies.

教学设施和行政办公室 - downcity校园

115雪松街 设有网络教育学院的行政办公室,包括院长办公室。财政部门也设在这里。

学术中心 在138马修森ST。设有会计教室和会计教师办公室。

JWU Center for Physician Assistant Studies

该中心助理医师研究 at 35 Claverick St. houses classrooms, laboratories, and faculty and directors offices for the Physician Assistant Studies program, which is part of the College of Health & Wellness.

市民银行中心,为学生参与(cbcsi) at 2 Richmond St. houses Student Involvement & Leadership (including the Campus Herald and Johnsonian yearbook offices), Greek Councils, New Student Orientation & Support 程式, Parent Relations and Spiritual Life.

德尔塞斯托建设 在274 weybosset ST。设有信息技术运营。

The John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences, located at 30 Chestnut St. (corner of Pine and Chestnut Streets) houses the departments of English, Humanities, Mathematics, and Social Sciences, as well as the language laboratory and Arts & Sciences classrooms. It also houses Accessibility Services and the Academic Success Center for the Downcity Campus, Experiential Education & Career Services for the Downcity Campus, and the dean’s office and faculty offices. JWU’s downcity Bookstore is now located in the lower level, while the Veterans Lounge is in Room 210.

约翰逊·霍尔 (59板栗ST。)包括健康科学教师办公室,几间教室,和星巴克的部门。


JWU普罗维登斯 John J. Bower Center for Sciences and Innovation

约翰学家鲍文科学中心和创新, located at 75 Chestnut St., houses the College of Engineering & Design and features classrooms, the media/graphics department, computer and engineering, faculty offices, the dean’s office, the Alan Shawn Feinstein Technology & Design Center, and the College of Engineering & Design Presentation Room. It also houses College of Arts & Sciences classrooms, life science laboratories, faculty offices, and Red Mango, a frozen yogurt and smoothie bar.

The Johnson & Wales University Parking Garage at the corner of Pine and Richmond streets offers convenient, affordable parking for all students. Students need their university ID to enter and rates are posted at the entrance. Offices for Campus Safety & Security’s 管理 and Crime Prevention and Community Outreach are located on the first floor. Also on the first floor is Off-Campus Student Services’s The Den, a multifunction lounge space for commuting Wildcats. The Den has an area of soft seating with numerous mobile device charging stations. There is also a kitchen and dining area, with tables and chairs for dining, a microwave, a refrigerator and vending machines. Wi-Fi is available throughout the space. There is also a Pharos printing system to afford students the opportunity to print, a multipurpose audiovisual system and numerous hi-definition TV monitors.

雷明顿建筑 (91 Friendship St.) houses Design & Editorial Services; Digital Communications; General Counsel, Equity and Compliance; Institutional Research; University Admissions; and University Marketing.

里士满建设 (270 weybosset ST。)设有信息技术,教师中心学术卓越,和学生沟通,以及普罗维登斯警察局区1变电站。

Campus Safety & Security 行政及运营总部设在264 weybosset ST。

JWU普罗维登斯 Student Services Center

学生服务中心 (274 Pine St.) houses Student Academic & Financial Services, student ID cards, inactive records and JWU全球.

JWU providence Taco Center

The TACO Center for Business and Arts & Sciences位于10雅培公园的地方,房屋教室和教师办公室的经济学系和理科。媒体实验室是在一楼,和刑事司法的实验室是在五楼。

威尔士大厅, located at 8 Abbott Park Place, houses the Downcity fitness center, shower and locker rooms and the commuter lounge on the lower level, and the Pepsi Forum auditorium, Student Payroll, Health Education and the Gender Equity Center on the first floor. The second floor houses Counseling Services and Community Relations. The third floor houses Health Services for the downcity Campus. The fourth and fifth floors are home to JWU’s Human Resources & Payroll.

JWU普罗维登斯 Xavier Academic Complex

泽维尔复杂 在259松树ST。房屋教室,教师办公室,各种计算机和文字处理实验室,和施耐德礼堂(广义和claverick街道的拐角处)。这种复杂的还设有酒店管理和商学院的大学。


JWU providence 泽维尔大厅

泽维尔大厅 在泽维尔复杂的包括跨宗派的教堂,桥中心和洗衣设施宿舍楼。

该yena中心 houses the main library and library administrative offices, undergraduate Admissions (except culinary), D’Amico Auditorium, and the university’s offices for Accounts Payable; Accounting; Advancement & University Relations, 校友 Relations, Communications & Media Relations, Procurement; as well as the Wildcat Café.


JWU普罗维登斯 君临天下 Campus


附近的海港旁的校园坐落在沿纳拉甘西特湾景区105亩,并收纳烹饪艺术学院在Cuisinart将中心卓越的烹饪技术和野猫中心(NCAA分部III野猫的家)。住宅设施遍布普罗维登斯和克兰斯顿。 JWU提供了校园和宿舍之间的免费穿梭巴士服务。

教学设施和行政办公室 - 君临校园

校友屋 在1146纳拉甘西特BLVD。克兰斯顿用于区分客座教授倒伏。


该cusinart中心卓越的烹饪技术 at 333 Shipyard St. is where the College of Culinary Arts is based. This also includes College of Culinary Arts faculty offices, deans’ and administrative offices, the Coors Brewing Laboratory and the 国际 Baking & Pastry Institute.



恩欢迎中心 在120海港BLVD。是烹饪和研究生招生的位置。该设施包括一个70个座位的演示厅,烹饪文物,会议室和迎宾区,以及工作人员的办公空间的广场。


在海港学术中心(HAC) 在265君临天下BLVD。房屋系教师办公室的烹饪艺术学院,以及烹饪艺术和食品服务管理系主任。

学术设施包括教室里, 巧克力 and sugar lab, and the baking technology lab. CAFE, the Culinary Arts Foodservice Exposition, is an addition to the Harborside Academic Center and features state-of-the-art kitchens and laboratories, bakeshops, a food science and product development lab, and the Cintas Dining Room used by culinary arts students. HAC also contains a Starbucks, Red Sauce Pizza & Pasta, the University Office of Culinary Education, microbiology lab, a multimedia center, the HAC Amphitheater, Culinary Special Services and the 君临天下 Computer Center, containing 156 computers, 5 computer labs and an administrative staff area.


弗里德曼中心 at 321 君临天下 Blvd. houses Experiential Education & Career Services, 国际 Student Services, Residential Life and Student Academic & Financial Services.

Also located in this building are the Academic Success Center, Culinary Arts Museum at JWU, Harborside Campus Library, Printing & Mailing Services, 君临天下 substation of Campus Safety & Security, Liberty Market, warehouse, administrative offices of Facilities Management, 设备 Engineering and Maintenance, Special 事件, classrooms, office of the vice president of student affairs, Student Conduct, Counseling Services on the second floor, and department faculty offices for the John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences and College of Management. The Entrepreneurship Center is housed on the first floor, as is the Food Innovation Design Lab (FIDL).


野猫中心 at 305 Shipyard St. houses Health Services for the Harborside Campus, 竞技, 2 gymnasiums, student life programming space, game room, fitness center, the university’s 君临天下 Bookstore (operated by Follett Higher Education Group) and Student Involvement & Leadership.